Tuesday, December 1, 2009

****SO YA WANNA BE A DJ ****


Let's get down to it , today people think omg i need the best equipment that money can buy to go out and rock parties, example i saw a dj last week at a bar rocking 2 brand new pioneer 1000,s mk3 and djm 800 mixer , at first i was blown away by his set up he was rocking out with serato sl3 and a brand new mac book pro laptop with extra gig hard drive . To my amazement this kid was only 18 years old and had the nerve to tell me outside that that's the only way to rock a party this was his exact words"dude i just started djing 8 mths ago and decided to get a visa so i said go big or go home " wow this guy is nuts.

You do not need the top of the line equipment when you start out djing trust me you dont need to spend big bucks.

lets do the math

djm 800= $1,950 cdn

2 1000,s mk3 =1650+1650=$3300

rane serato sl3-$850

Mac book pro-1299


if you just started djing and spent that amount of money and haven't even learned about how to mix 2 songs together go return the equipment and kick your self in the balls.

I started djing 10 years ago and all my equipment was second hand , i used a old peavy mixer my cousin gave me with my dads old pioneer turntable. I went to cash converters and bought a second direct drive turntable for $45 and 2 home stereo cd players for $15 each.

I started djing house parties everywhere i could and even was djing high school dances with this stuff. After a couple years i worked at a summer camp to pay for my 2 Technic 1200,s they cost me $1000 for the pair.

I talked to my my good friend josh (Dj Jelo) about this in his interview from the summer.Josh told me how when he started djing all Josh used to mix with were 2 tape decks .He said back then just starting out @ 14 years old i didnt have the money to buy 2 Technics, you make the best with what you have. We started reminiscing about how we got started and i told josh i was so into djing that i went out and did some research about djs and house music (started by a gentleman named Frankie Knuckles he would play this music @the club wear house in chicago).Josh also told me that when he was younger he would always hang out at the loal record store waiting for hours for the latest and greatest in electronic music to come in.Now at $15 for one 12inch piece of vinyl that tells you that you had to be picky on what you bought because it would really drain your pockets fast.

In today's age it is so easy to become a dj you just need a credit card and Internet access but they are forgetting one major part and that's NETWORKING.


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