Sunday, December 20, 2009



Yes the two gentlemen hiding behind the gold hockey masks are Jesse F. Keeler and Al P otherwise known as MSTRKRFT.These two individuals arrived on the dance scene in 2006 with there smash hit the looks.This record took the world by storm by changing the electronic music scene both the music and it's fans.I got to meet both Jesse and Al when I was at WEMF in 2007 in the VIP backstage area. I was blown away on how humble the both of these guys are i just got to have a fast smoke with them before they creeped up on stage but man it was awesome. Jesse and Al told me that they always loved electronic music ever since they we kids, to be honest there into anything that has a good bass line to it . If you listen to there mixes you notice that they mix everything from funk,rock ,disco and dance in there dj sets.


When you go to see MSTRKRFT live your not just seeing two guys dj you are watching two guys rip up a club . They both recently came to Hamilton and fucking destroyed ROKBAR in Hess village .My buddy TOMMY OUTLAW got to go for dinner with both of them and party after the show . They drop some big CHUNES at that show ,I recently saw there you tube video live from LOLLAPALOOZA, the dropped fucking Queen bohemian rhapsody amazing talk about fucking skill.Both AL and JESSE teamed up with John Legend to record Heart breaker which shows both there skills as artists. The one thing that fucking puts these guys on the map are there loyal fans , as we all know since JUSTICE arrived on the dance scene the genre of electronic music has spawned a new generation of fans that go off the fucking wall when they hear a crazy bass line or mash up, going to go see a dj today isn't like it was back in the day it's more like a rock concert which i think always should of been.


You can find MSTRKRFT music on or

check out there website as well and for any booking inquiries please contact AM ONLY.

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