Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I will never forget the night the first time I saw Deko-ze spin. It was in Hamilton at Lush nightclub, the vibe around me was great. I remember the place was just packed with people partying ,drinking and having a great time.I got to the club around 1:30 in the morning with my cousin Paul. I had no idea what was in store for me that night. I make my way to the bar to grab me and my cousin a beer and as I'm waiting for my drink I strike up a conversation with gentlemen named Michael ( djM.K). Now at this point I have been waiting at the bar for about 5 mins and still no drink , i ask M.K who is the guest dj tonight ,DEKO-ZE he replies, I tell M.K that I have heard of him before but never seen him in action. M.K points to the end of the bar and says "there he is go introduce yourself ,Say Hi " ok I guess so. As I make my way down to the end of the bar I notice that Deko-ze is by his self , so I start up a conversation with Deko-ze by introducing myself to him. Deko-ze is a very humbled individual, very soft in speech and as I keep talking his ear off (I dont really remember what i was saying but I prob told him that i was a dj ), Deko-ze asked me for the time I told him it was 1:50 , "Oh sorry Angelo but I need to get ready enjoy the rest of your night and great talking to ya" says Deko-ze. Time Check ****2 O'Clock**** everyone starts to cheer Deko-ze,Deko-ze,Deko-ze,Deko-ze ,and Bammmmmmmmmm ,he starts his set with a banging intro , followed with one of my most favourite tracks (A bit patchy by Switch),as soon as the bass kicks in Deko-ze's face lights up with the biggest smile and starts jumping up and down like a mad man , moving his little bald head back and forth (YES THE FAMOUS DEKO-ZE HEAD BOB). The break down in the track starts up ,followed by one of the most twisted basslines ,at this point the whole fucking room is going off. Tune after Tune Deko-ze just kept smashing into our faces we were all his puppets that night possessed by his music, my legs just wouldn't let me stop.Time check (OMG 5AM AND IM STILL FUCKING DANCING ) Deko-ze drops his last track of the Morning **** A LOVE BIZARRE BY SO PHAT****. One of funnest nights I have ever had .

Deko-ze is known all over the world for his Famous dj sets , he takes you on a journey and is one of the only djs that still likes to drop those old school tracks that bring you back. Deko-ze is a very busy man from traveling all over the country djing ,producing(NEED YOUR LOVE -ONE OF MY FAVS) or mixing Canada's Finest House compilations he is in my mind one of the most creative and exciting djs that you will ever see.



Hi-Bias recording artist / producer / DJ Deko-ze has long been a leading force in the Canadian scene, DJ / Producer / remixer Deko-ze has been cited as one of Toronto’s best by Fab magazine, Xtra , Eye Weekly, Now and the Toronto DJ Festival. He holds residencies in clubs across the country including Toronto’s Guvernment, Footwork, This Is London and Comfort Zone and has had numerous gigs in the USA, UK, Germany, Taiwan and Mexico.

His energetic and charismatic stage presence, engaging personality, strong technical skills, and ability to fuse music of multiple genres (deep, funky, vocal and hard house; tribal; progressive; tech-house; techno) have uniquely cultivated a huge following in both the gay and straig


Deko-ze Tunes

Out Now: Deko-ze - Over (Hi-Bias Records)
Upcoming: Deko-ze & Nick Fiorucci feat. Coco Cognac Brown - Rise Up! (Hi-Bias Records)

Deko-ze n' Gavo - This Time (Funky Way Mix) by Deko-ze

Nick Fiorucci: I Need Your Love - Deko-ze remix by Deko-ze



DEKO-ZE MIX: Live At Comfort Zone " Come Get Your Scary Beats" - Oct 31 2010 by Deko-ze

DEKO-ZE MIX: "Come Get Your Fcuk'in Beats" Live @ Comfort Zone - Sept 6 2010 by Deko-ze




Thursday November 18 - WATERLOO, ON @ Beat - w/ STEVE ANGELLO!!
Friday November 19 - TORONTO, ON @ The Loft - "TK'S Birthday!"
Saturday November 20 - WATERLOO, ON @ Beta
Sunday November 21 - TORONTO, ON @ Comfort Zone - "MASS w/ Neill McLeod"

Sunday November 28 - TORONTO, ON @ Comfort Zone


Saturday December 4 - VANCOUVER, BC @ Gorgomish
Sunday, December 5 - TORONTO, ON @ Comfort Zone

Friday December 10 - TORONTO, ON @ This Is London
Saturday December 11 - TORONTO, ON @ Guvernment: Gallery
Sunday December 12 - TORONTO, ON @ Comfort Zone

Friday December 17 - TORONTO, ON @ Footwork - "Deko-ze Presents The Djs Who Stole Xmas"
Sunday December 19 - TORONTO, ON @ Comfort Zone - "Just Like The Ole Days" w/ Addy!!!

Sunday December 26 - TORONTO, ON @ Comfort Zone - "Boxing Day"

Friday December 31 - VICTORIA, BC @ Hush - NYE
Saturday January 1 - EDMONTON, AB @ Y Afterhours - NYD
Sunday January 2 - TORONTO, ON @ Comfort Zone




"Labour Of Love"; "Decadence"; "Freedom", etc @ Guvernment / Kool Haus / Skybar (Toronto) - (annual massives)
"The Gallery" @ Guvernment (Toronto) - monthly (Saturdays)
"MASS" @ Comfort Zone (Toronto) - weekly (Sunday mornings)
"Come Get Your Fcuk'in Beats" @ Comfort Zone (Toronto) - (long weekends)
"YYZ" @ Fly (Toronto) - bi-monthly (Saturdays)
"Rehab" @ Footwork (Toronto) - monthly (Fridays)
"Soho Fridays" @ This Is London (Toronto) - monthly (Fridays)
"Essential Thursdays" @ Cobra (Toronto) - bi-monthly (Thursdays)
Amigo's Boat Cruises (Toronto) - (seasonal monthly)
"Lush" @ Hush (Victoria, BC) - tri-monthly (Saturdays)

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