Thursday, December 3, 2009



So if your wondering who the blond bombshell is in the picture ,her name is Holly Johnston and she is my best friend.How did i meet Holly you may ask?Well like any Hamiltonian i love my Tim Horton's coffee and one night while i was out with my buddy Jay and Billy we ran into a group of young girls.My friend Jay was a smoker and asked me to go buy a pack of smokes for him , I asked the group of people if anyone would like to go for a walk with me and holly turned around and said "hey ill come with".
So on our walk to the store we introduced our selves to each other shared some laughs and cry's ,well ok we never cried I made that part up but in the five mins it took me to get that pack of ciggarettes I made a friend,
my best friend.

Holly now lives in In Ottawa with her boyfriend Brent and its a pretty far drive from Hamilton and i will be making my way out there in the new year for a weekend.
Well today Holly turns the big 26 yes that's right it's her birthday and i hope she has an amazing day.


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