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Yes the two gentlemen hiding behind the gold hockey masks are Jesse F. Keeler and Al P otherwise known as MSTRKRFT.These two individuals arrived on the dance scene in 2006 with there smash hit the looks.This record took the world by storm by changing the electronic music scene both the music and it's fans.I got to meet both Jesse and Al when I was at WEMF in 2007 in the VIP backstage area. I was blown away on how humble the both of these guys are i just got to have a fast smoke with them before they creeped up on stage but man it was awesome. Jesse and Al told me that they always loved electronic music ever since they we kids, to be honest there into anything that has a good bass line to it . If you listen to there mixes you notice that they mix everything from funk,rock ,disco and dance in there dj sets.


When you go to see MSTRKRFT live your not just seeing two guys dj you are watching two guys rip up a club . They both recently came to Hamilton and fucking destroyed ROKBAR in Hess village .My buddy TOMMY OUTLAW got to go for dinner with both of them and party after the show . They drop some big CHUNES at that show ,I recently saw there you tube video live from LOLLAPALOOZA, the dropped fucking Queen bohemian rhapsody amazing talk about fucking skill.Both AL and JESSE teamed up with John Legend to record Heart breaker which shows both there skills as artists. The one thing that fucking puts these guys on the map are there loyal fans , as we all know since JUSTICE arrived on the dance scene the genre of electronic music has spawned a new generation of fans that go off the fucking wall when they hear a crazy bass line or mash up, going to go see a dj today isn't like it was back in the day it's more like a rock concert which i think always should of been.


You can find MSTRKRFT music on or

check out there website as well and for any booking inquiries please contact AM ONLY.

Thursday, December 10, 2009



What can i say , Aaron is a very talented and interesting guy from supping up his Mazda low riding truck (which was the sickest truck i have seen in a long time) to designing for one of the biggest sporting athletic companies lululemon (yes we all know how great lululemon pants make women's asses look).Aaron was always influenced in art ,fashion and music ever since i knew him.

I remember Aaron telling me about this water fall he constructed for his parents backyard that would run into there pool . I got the chance to check it out one day ,pretty cool stuff ,Aaron is a guy that's full of surprises ,he's always one step ahead of you thinking strategically like a game of chess trying to make his next move .Anyone that tells me being a designer is for PUSSY'S and that designers don't like to get there hands dirty (like the one guy on EXTREME HOME MAKE OVER ) WILL GET A PUNCH RIGHT BEHIND THERE ELBOW. I have worked with Aaron first hand when I used to do plumbing for his dads company , he has no fear of heights , works really fucking hard,,he's not afraid to get dirty or crack a joke but knows when to be professional at the same time .

Designer's do not get the credit that they deserve. There is a lot of stuff that they have to deal with and every day on there job they will have to over come challenges that can either make or brake there career.

Aaron just opened up his new design studio on James st downtown Hamilton were he lives and works out of and will be throwing a art crawl on FRIDAY DEC 11TH .


State of the Art is the latest art/music venue taking place at the James N. Art Crawl. We will be using the space to exhibit some local artist's work and listen to some of their tunes! We are basically transforming an old restaurant into a gallery/party spot, opening the doors and rockin it out.This time around being our first show, we are pumped to have the line up we do.Known for their live acoustic performances we have M.E.Walsh JuenExhibiting their work will be Artist/Illustrator: M.E. Walsh with his stonefalls comic and some amazing artGraphic Designer: Billy Pozeg known in the city for his rad party posters & Industrial/Interior designer: studio aalona by for some cold ones!! Guaranteed best pre drink party!!

Friday, December 11, 2009 at 8:00pm

301 James St.N, Hamilton Ontario

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


His name is CONRAD ROGERS and is one of Canada's fastest growing techno producers and dj.He is known for his dark base lines and punchy track selections that keep your ass dancing for hours on the dancefloor.Conrads production's have been played by some of the worlds biggest dj's all over the world(Danny Tenaglia, Steve Lawler, Dj Vibe, Moshic, Ozgur Can, Andy Moor, M.I.K.E, Yves Eaux, Alex Young, Andrew K, Luca Ricci, Opencloud, Deep, Mariano, Clubbervision, Chris Cargo and D-Formation)just to name a few lol.

I have been friends with Conrad for years now and sold him his first pair of turntables, and believe me when Conrad throws down a set he really throws down hard. Recently Cam Maxwell invited Conrad to play at the Guverment Complex in Toronto. He has played all over the globe as far as Hawaii with dj Rap at Pipeline & Asylum to producing music with Lucca Ricci in Italy.Conrad likes to keep busy by keeping up his strong producing flow or remixing fellow artists Yves Eaux, Genderfix, JELO ,Opencloud and many more.


Well im glad you asked.When Conrad produces he only uses the best (Mac pro with M-Audio BX8 speakers ,Edirol UA-4fx Soundcard,M-audio Axiom 49key,Reason 4 / Logic Pro and a glass of vodka).

Conrad will be the next biggest and most demanded Canadian techno dj and already is booked for the Comfort zone one of Toronto's biggest after hour night clubs ,he will be playing along side louise nox ,this is a show that can not be missed .




Conrad Rogers was born in Calgary, Alberta in 1980 and now resides in Stoney Creek, Ontario. He is known for his unique deep, dark, bang'n, dirty sounds, ranging from techno to deep chuggy progressive to tech-house. His productions have appeared on the Global DJ Broadcast with Markus Schulz and on the notorious Hernan Cattaneo's Sequential radio shows. His own DJ sets have been profiled on Proton radio and Frisky Radio shows to name a few. He's hit the well known Balance Chart twice in 2008 along with being played and charted by such major players as: Danny Tenaglia, Steve Lawler, Dj Vibe, Moshic, Ozgur Can, Andy Moor, M.I.K.E, Yves Eaux, Alex Young, Andrew K, Luca Ricci, Opencloud, Deep, Mariano, Clubbervision, Chris Cargo and D-Formation - to name a few. He has remixed established producers such as Yves Eaux, Luca Ricci, Genderfix, and JELO along with cranking out some top notch original productions. 2009 will bring some interesting collab work with good friend Luca Ricci, Sound Diffusion, and Opencloud.


So for all you aspiring djs out there take notes ....... The gentleman in the picture is George Hatiras 2 time Canadian Juno winner . I could go on and on about George and how he is one of the worlds most booked and respected djs and what i think is one of the best mixers in the bizzzzz along side Fabian Strong, but today im gonna stick to the basics.

Three years ago I was spinning at wemf (world electronic music festivel)with my buddy Conrad Rogers and we got back stage passes to the main room . We booth we like little kids in a candy shop when we found out , my buddy Dawsun (phakt clothing) was chilling by the back door talking to 3 people . Dawsun yells out to me "hey Ang come here i want to introduce you to my buddy" I run over and it's George Hatirus with Al P and JFK other wise known as MSTRKRFT. Holy shit I had so much to say in so little time, as I was about to introduce myself George already knew who i was , hey Angelo how ya doing you have a killer P.R agent , I was thinking in my head what does he mean but then George explained to me that Dawsun was telling him how sick of a dj i was.

George told me that he wanted me to send him a mix because he wanted to check me out. I told George shure i will have it for him the following week but forgot to send it to him (sorry about that George if your still interested let me know lol).After that introduction me and George got to talking about the bizz and how he started out by throwing parties with liquid adrenline and how his parties were such a big sucess with 10000 people filling crazy venues like airplane hangers and old warehouses .I asked him whats the most important thing for a dj to do in my situation to do ,he said " Angelo the most important thing for a up and coming dj is to go out and network with people ,give out cds, if you have nothing to do on a Friday night head down to Toronto and meet with promoters so they can put a name with your face. Alot of people these days make a mix and put it on the internet expecting people to download it but really Ang get out there meet people and promote yourself like a company because in all actuality you are your own company, oh ya forgot he also told me to produce,produce and produce some more. I thanked George for the info and took it all in.


The point of the story is that this is why George Hatiras is one of the coolest mother fuckers in the biz . He is a really down to earth individual who treats every person he meets with respect and doesn't mind to share some secrets of the trade.




Hatiras is one of the planet's top electronic music DJs & producers. He produces loads of mindbending and ass shaking music (over 100 releases that are consistently top 10 hits). He's won 2 Juno Awards, a Socan Award for most radio play in Canada and multiple nominations. He owns and operates 2 record labels (Hatrax and Blow Media).

He started as a rave promoter in the '90s. He created and operated one of North America's largest event organizations called Liquid Adrenaline. Events averaged 5.000 and peaked at 10,000 in attendance.

As a DJ, Hatiras has performed around the world in venues across Canada, USA, Japan, Colombia, Australia, Poland, Germany, Belgium, UK, Serbia and more. He's remixed music for Kylie Minogue, Loleatta Holloway, Junior Jack, Carole Pope and many more His remixes and productions have been released on labels like Blow Media, Hatrax, Defected, Ministry of Sound, Universal, Sony, etc.Everyone from The Chemical Brothers to Pete Tong to Roger Sanchez, Bad Boy Bill, DJ Dan, Danny Tenaglia and in between, plays Hatiras music.

He also hosts a weekly radio show called 'Hatiras Presents' that broadcasts on over a dozen stations worldwide and surpasses 100,000 listeners per show.

Download all kinds of crazy Hatiras music from iTunes, Beatport and most other download shops

General inquiries:

Artist related inquiries (bookings / tours / remixes / production):

Licensing / music synchronization inquiries:

Demo & promo submissions:
Don't send mp3s. Links only. We don't guarantee a reply but will do our best to provide feedback.

MAILING ADDRESSHatrax Records Inc.
9 Emmeline Cres. Toronto, Ontario
Canada M1S 1L1


In a very fast paced society these days , with us worrying about sending and receiving emails to your boss or maybe you feel you need to update your twitter account to let people know what your doing or you feel like you have the guts to ask out your high school sweet heart on a date by sending her a message on facebook well now you can do all of this and more on the go .
There are two ways to this can be done.The first way is called the rocket stick by Sony Ericsson,known for there Mp3 phones Sony jumped ship and came out with the fastest Internet stick that fits in your pocket.That's right it fits right inside your pocket , no more worries about not getting the Internet in your area ,when you have the rocket stick you get Internet anywhere and i mean anywhere.The plans are affordable as well ,they star @$35 mth for 500mb on a flex rate plan . Gone are the days of no Internet ,now if you can get a phone call you can send an email.
This phone says one thing to me SEXY,ok im a tech geek but whatever . Today people live off there phones because they rely on there email, texts,twitter,facebook and more .
With this 3g phone you can surf the Internet ,talk on the phone and send an email to the boss all at the same time . Now if this was 10yrs ago a plan for this phone would cost you around $500 mth but now the plans are very affordable just like the rocket stick Rogers has a plan that starts at $50 mth and it gives you 200 day mins ,free evenings and weekends,unlt text and 500mb for Internet.
5oomb on a flex rate plan
1yr contract
200 mins
evening/weekends free
500mb data
unlt text
3ry term only
bold is $249
Features & Specifications
The Sony Ericsson MD400g USB Modem gives you safe and secure Internet access on your laptop without the need for a Wi-Fi connection, virtually anywhere on the Rogers 3.5G Network. Featuring download speeds up to 7.2Mbps and a memory storage capability of up to 8GB, you will be able access your files, send and receive e-mail and attachments, browse the Internet and more, all from your laptop. An internal GPS receiver works with most location-based services such as Google Maps and provides added functionality while you are on-the-go.
Key Features
· Download speeds of up to 7.2Mbps on the Rogers 3.5G Network
· Up to 8GB of memory storage capability with Memory Stick Micro (M2) or microSD external memory cards
· Built-in GPS receiver is fully compatible with most location-based services
· Integrated antenna plus an additional swivel antenna maximizes reception performance and boosts data transmission
· Easy installation, no CD required for Windows or Mac Operating Systems
· Multi-colour LED indicating connection and GPS status
· USB 2.0 interface form-factor
Technical Specifications
· GSM/GPRS/EDGE Bands: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
· HSPA Bands: 850/1900/2100 Mhz
· SMS: Yes
· Volume: 70 mm x 28 mm x 15 mm (73 mm in length when closed)
· Weight: 28 grams
· Form Factor: USB Stick Accessing a Corporate LAN: Many companies have a Virtual Private Network solution in place to allow remote access to e-mail and the corporate LAN for their employees. Check with your company's IT department to find out if a VPN solution is supported by your company. If you use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access your e-mail or Local Area Network, you will need to subscribe to the Rogers Wireless VPN service. You can then connect to the Rogers Wireless VPN Connection and start your existing VPN software.
******BLACKBERRY BOLD 9700******
Features & Specifications
· Estimated talk time: up to 6 hours
· Estimated standby time: up to 18 days
· Size: 10.9 x 6.0 x 1.4 cm
· Weight: 122 grams
· External Display: 480 x 360 pixels
· Internal Memory: 256 MB
· Expandable Memory: Up to 32 GB
Key Features:
· 3G technology
· Trackpad navigation
· Full QWERTY keyboard
· 3.2 MP digital camera with video recording
· Bright, high resolution screen
· Built-in Wi-Fi and GPS
· Multimedia player
· Faster download speeds up to 3.6 Mbps
· Wireless email, SMS/MMS, Organizer
· MicroSD card reader
· Speakerphone
· Full HTML web browser
· Voice-activated dialing
· World ready phone Quad Band EDGE and Tri Band HSPA with Stereo Bluetooth

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So if your wondering who the blond bombshell is in the picture ,her name is Holly Johnston and she is my best friend.How did i meet Holly you may ask?Well like any Hamiltonian i love my Tim Horton's coffee and one night while i was out with my buddy Jay and Billy we ran into a group of young girls.My friend Jay was a smoker and asked me to go buy a pack of smokes for him , I asked the group of people if anyone would like to go for a walk with me and holly turned around and said "hey ill come with".
So on our walk to the store we introduced our selves to each other shared some laughs and cry's ,well ok we never cried I made that part up but in the five mins it took me to get that pack of ciggarettes I made a friend,
my best friend.

Holly now lives in In Ottawa with her boyfriend Brent and its a pretty far drive from Hamilton and i will be making my way out there in the new year for a weekend.
Well today Holly turns the big 26 yes that's right it's her birthday and i hope she has an amazing day.




One day i was downtown Hamilton record shopping at my friend Mark's record shop Dr.Disc. I was new to the dj world and would hang around the shop asking questions on how to dj? what type of needles i should use to scratch with ? How to scratch and what records to use ?. I was known as a hang around , every Saturday i would take the bus (1A king) downtown to Dr.Disc to look around and get ideas about djing.But on this Saturday November 24th 2001 my life was about to change.Mark from dr disc invited me to a drum and bass show, at first i was not about it but said hey what the hell let's give it a try.He said that his friend Mc Flipside was playing with
Freaky Flow and that its a show i must not miss.So later that night i put on my fiction pants and jumped on the bus downtown I remember it was really cold out and dark and I had to walk from jackson square all the way to Queen st because the venue changed to the Casbah. As i walked in the doors i made my way over to the Dr Disc crew in the back of the club, Mark ,Jumana and Aron were sitting down chillin ,I was a bit nervous because it wasn't my type of scene but Mark and Jumana made me feel at home.

Its now 900pm and Mark comes up to me and says "hey ang i want to introduce you to my friend Mike " i walked over to shake his hand ,Mark say's "mike this is Angelo Nasso good friend of mine this is his first show " mike smiles and bends down to me and says with his hand over his mouth" i will not disapoint ,you will feel my vibe and have a good time." I told mike"hey bro i was a big fan of your late night show Trippin on Energy radio show " he smiled and went on stage.

It is now 10pm showtime ,mike and freaky flow fucking blew the room up, great energy and vibe his flow was brillant the way he used the mic spitting crazy rhymes that flowed so tight it was breath taking.

Ok so after there performance I got to go and talk to the booth of them on stage.They were so cool and very humble and thankful to me as i kept giving them praise on there show. So i asked for there autographs and they went on there way back to Toronto. I was happier than shit when i got home ,that i had Mc Filpslide's autograph ,I still have it somewhere packed away.
Over the years i met up with him when i saw dj Dan in toronto last year and at Footwork with Simon Jain who by the way just realeased his first track cardinal sin . Mike will always be one of my Favourite djs and producers because he is down to earth ,puts 110% into everything he does and no matter where you are he always has time to spit a rhyme in your ear.

So if your in Toronto on Dec 5th check him out @ Flim lounge this is a party that can not be missed.



Why is FLIPSIDE the hardest working man in the BIZZZZZZZZZ check out his DISCOGRAPHY


Wolfgang Gartner feat. MC Flipside – Flashback [TBA]
MC Flipside & Matteo DiMarr – Beside You [PBR Recordings]
Bart B More feat. MC Flipside – So It Goes (A Day In The Life) [Toolroom]
Yves LaRock feat. MC Flipside – Electric Boogaloo [TBA]
Kurd Maverick feat. MC Flipside – The Rub 2009 [Opaque]
Granite & Phunk vs. MC Flipside – So Fly [PBR Recordings]
Tune Brothers & MC Flipside – Jack Beat [Housesession]
Lee Mortimer feat. MC Flipside – That Thing [Cr2]
Hatiras & MC Flipside – Open Your Eyes [Hatrax]
Josh Money & MC Flipside – Wave Over Me EP [DNF Digital]

Hatiras & MC Flipside – Autograph [Hatrax]
Deadmau5 feat. MC Flipside – Hi Friend [Mau5trap]
Hatiras & MC Flipside – Get Blahsted [Hatrax]
Hatiras & MC Flipside – Tribute [Hatrax]
Joey Seminara & Danny Nagels vs. MC Flipside – Just The Tip [Hi-Bias]
Tune Brothers feat. MC Flipside – Dirty, Nasty [Housession]
MC Flipside vs. Saint Pete – Land Of Electro [PBR Recordings]
M1 & MC Flipside – I’ll House You [Mar186]
The House Moguls feat. MC Flipside – Get That Feelin’ [System Recordings]

Deekline feat. MC Flipside – Hands Up [Hotcakes]
The House Moguls feat. MC Flipside – The Treo EP [Funktion Recordings]
Jaimie Fanatic feat. MC Flipside – I Love Dutch Music [Relax Recordings]
Carlo Lio feat. MC Flipside – Bring It Back [PBR Recordings]
Baby Anne feat. MC Flipside – Bass Queen 2 [Zone/Moist Music]
M1 & MC Flipside – Naughty [Mar186]
M1 feat. MC Flipside – Freak the Frequency (Remixes) [PBR Recordings]
M1 feat. MC Flipside – Drop & Climb [Mar186]
Mark Almaria feat. MC Flipside – Computer Madness [Impact Mechanics]

Dub Deluxe feat. MC Flipside - Rock Da Floor [Lickin’]

D:Fuse feat. MC Flipside – Vegas [System Recordings]
M1 feat. MC Flipside – Technotic [Re-Invent Music]
DLG feat. MC Flipside - Got You Moving [Huge Records]
M1 feat. MC Flipside - Acid The Phenomenon [Re-Invent Music]

M1 feat. MC Flipside - Freak the Frequency [Re-Invent Music]
Hatiras feat. MC Flipside - Hydrophonic Music [IHR]

Sketch & Code feat. MC Flipside - Stop Your Bitchin'
Dave Armstrong feat. MC Flipside - Release The Tension [Eyezcream]

Redline Crew - Rockin' [SPG/Universal]
Paranoid Jack feat. MC Flipside - Last of the Funky Cyborgs [Stickmen Records]

Hollis P. Monroe - We’ll Be Together (Remix) [Stickmen Records]
Naked Souls feat. MC Flipside - Voodoo Love (Remix) [Stickmen Records]
Troy Brown feat. MC Flipside - Feel Alright (Remix) [Aquarius Recordings]


Ministry of Sound Radio Presents: On The Download (Australia)
Toolroom Knights Mixed By Benny Benassi
Live & Direct Miami 2009 – Cr2 Records
Ministry of Sound - Clubbers Guide Russia
Hed Kandi World Series: Brazil
Kontor – Top Of The Clubs Vol. 42
Yummy – House Nation Conductor
DJ Zone 86: House Session 32

Ministry of Sound Germany: The Annual 2009
Ministry Of Sound Australia: The Annual 2009
Godskitchen – The Anthems 2009
Ministry of Sound: Ibiza Annual 2008
Ministry of Sound: Underground Ibiza 2008
Ministry of Sound Australia: Clubbers Guide To Spring 2008
Global Underground 2009
Paul Van Dyk - Cream Ibiza
Kontor – Top Of The Clubs Vol. 41
Best of 2008 (Electro Edition)
Solid Sounds 2008
MC Flipside Presents Proper Beats & Rhymes Vol. 1
Club Sounds Vol. 45
Canada’s Finest House
VIP Mix 2008
Only For DJ’s Vol. 5

Pacha 2007
Fresh House
Diamonds Of House Vol. 3
House Area Vol. 1
Play House Vol. 12
Ibiza Opening Party
House Top 100 Vol. 7
Club Monte Carlo Vol. 2
Zangola Compilation
Elektronica Vol. 5
House Club Selection 19
Baby Anne – Past, Present, Future
The World’s Heaviest Dubstep, Grime & Bass

Club Hits 2006
One Love: Bring It On
High Contrast Presents Marcel Woods
The Disco Boys – Vol. 6
M1 – Robopop

Donald Glaude – This Is Me
Jelo - Live @ System
CBC Galaxie Radio

Bad Boy Bill - Behind The Decks
Best Of Mega Techno 2004
Mega Techno 11
Arrival Vol. 1 – The Ultimate House Mix

Antoine Clamaran - Mix Inc.
Jelo- Scarlem Sessions
Freaky Flow & MC Flipside - The Envy


Freaky Flow & MC Flipside - Keep it Live

Dark Drums with Steve Lawler
World Domination
Sounds of the Underground

iDance Rev DJ Tour 2000

Obscene Underground Vol. 1
MC Flipside - Trippin on Energy Vol.3

MC Flipside - Trippin on Energy Vol.2 [1998]

MC Flipside - Trippin on Energy Vol.1

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

170 KING

170 king

What is it ? Its called Fashion and if you never heard of CONRAD HOTRUM then chances are your not cool enough ,just kidding.

Conrad has been in the fashion scene in Hamilton for years i used to shop at his store in Hess called DMBC. He launched a clothing line called bully and for years i kept bugging my friend Tommy dude where did you get those jeans, he replied "these oh there bully fucking Conrad's shit " lol. I was a big Diesel jeans fan but then i grew up and cant for the life of me fit into a pair of there fucking jeans its like there made for anorexic men, are you kidding me diesel i spent thousands of dollars on there dumb fucking tiger printed shirts that in one wash there shrunk.

Well ladies and gents in went to visit mr Conrad at his store and guess what his clothes fit me and look great one of his Bully shirts i can say is my most fav shirt around and always wearing it when im out .

So check him out great shirts and prices


Bringing some fun to the downtown.....For both GIRLS AND BOYSIts white and bright......and the sign is purple neon..BRANDS: American apparel(USA) Insight(australia) Alternate apparel (USA) Kill City (USA) Cheap Monday (USA)Thousand Reasons (australia)Brixton (USA) Initium Eyewear (USA) Speech Jewlery (Toronto) Cheap Monday (Sweden)Footwear:Vans(USA)SwearLondon (London)London Underground (London) Josette Cacnio (Hamilton)




****SO YA WANNA BE A DJ ****


Let's get down to it , today people think omg i need the best equipment that money can buy to go out and rock parties, example i saw a dj last week at a bar rocking 2 brand new pioneer 1000,s mk3 and djm 800 mixer , at first i was blown away by his set up he was rocking out with serato sl3 and a brand new mac book pro laptop with extra gig hard drive . To my amazement this kid was only 18 years old and had the nerve to tell me outside that that's the only way to rock a party this was his exact words"dude i just started djing 8 mths ago and decided to get a visa so i said go big or go home " wow this guy is nuts.

You do not need the top of the line equipment when you start out djing trust me you dont need to spend big bucks.

lets do the math

djm 800= $1,950 cdn

2 1000,s mk3 =1650+1650=$3300

rane serato sl3-$850

Mac book pro-1299


if you just started djing and spent that amount of money and haven't even learned about how to mix 2 songs together go return the equipment and kick your self in the balls.

I started djing 10 years ago and all my equipment was second hand , i used a old peavy mixer my cousin gave me with my dads old pioneer turntable. I went to cash converters and bought a second direct drive turntable for $45 and 2 home stereo cd players for $15 each.

I started djing house parties everywhere i could and even was djing high school dances with this stuff. After a couple years i worked at a summer camp to pay for my 2 Technic 1200,s they cost me $1000 for the pair.

I talked to my my good friend josh (Dj Jelo) about this in his interview from the summer.Josh told me how when he started djing all Josh used to mix with were 2 tape decks .He said back then just starting out @ 14 years old i didnt have the money to buy 2 Technics, you make the best with what you have. We started reminiscing about how we got started and i told josh i was so into djing that i went out and did some research about djs and house music (started by a gentleman named Frankie Knuckles he would play this music @the club wear house in chicago).Josh also told me that when he was younger he would always hang out at the loal record store waiting for hours for the latest and greatest in electronic music to come in.Now at $15 for one 12inch piece of vinyl that tells you that you had to be picky on what you bought because it would really drain your pockets fast.

In today's age it is so easy to become a dj you just need a credit card and Internet access but they are forgetting one major part and that's NETWORKING.




Ok i am a hudge fan of the Vetax company , there equipment is very reliable and easy to use, yes they are a little bit pricey but you get what ya pay for . I was on dj techtools one day last week and saw that Vestax has teamed up with Apple to bring you Vestax Spin.

What is this you may ask ?

Well apple has found a way to make a bedroom dj into a star all in one box and for $279.00.


Developed by Vestax, a company dedicated in professional DJ Gear for over 25 years, Spin is a simple yet powerful solution for all DJs from beginner to pro. Start DJing today with Spin and experience what it's like to create your own mix for podcasts, slide shows, house parties and even bigger venues.
Be your own DJ with iTunes
Spin and djay software let you easily mix all your favorite songs from iTunes. Simply drag and drop, and get creative with your own music.
Touch sensor jog wheels
High-resolution touch-sensitive jog wheels allow you to DJ like in analog mode from scratching to remixing.
Multi-channel audio system
Spin comes with high-quality sound for monitoring, master output and a separate mic input.
Compact and light
A travel friendly unit perfect for the Mac, it comes with a USB cable and djay software so you can DJ anywhere you want.
Perfectly match your music
djay's on-the-fly beat and tempo detection allows you to easily match two songs for a perfect transition.
Find the right song
Preview and prepare the next song with headphones through Spin before playing it through the main speakers.
Automix your party
One click means hours of fun. Sit back and let Spin/djay mix your favorite iTunes playlists with seamless DJ-style transitions.
Scratch. Mix. Loop.
Discover the world of DJing. Use the featured buttons, jog wheel platters and faders to mix and scratch your songs. Every feature found on the Spin interface will allow you endless opportunities of creative DJing from loops to effects.
Record your mixes
Save your mix—for your latest podcast, movie or photo slide show, or to make a classic "mix tape." Just push the REC button.
Blend your voice into the mix through the integrated microphone input (microphone included)
Seamless iTunes integration through djay software, allowing easy to mix, beat match, loops to effects for creating your perfect mix tape
Simple plug-and-play setup
Touch sensor jog wheel platters give high resolution to experience an analog feel when scratching and mixing
Multi-channel audio system for high quality monitoring, master output and separate microphone input
A compact and light DJ All-in-one system
Seamless iTunes integration
Easy-to-use drag and drop interface
Automix and automatic tempo
Beat detection, beat-matched looping and BPM-sync
Sampler and visual cue points
Live Microphone with pitch and echo effect
Audio effects such as speed change, reverse, time-stretching, pitch-shifting and more
Record mixes for podcasts, photo slide shows and mix tapes
Export history of played songs as iTunes playlist or PDF
Cover artwork on virtual vinyl
Support for all major audio formats such as MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF, Audio-CD and songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store


Hello everyone and welcome to PRTYMNSTR a blog about electronic music ,production ,the do and donts of thye music industry and fashion.I decided to make a blog to express my feelings on todays electronic scene and to showcase local talent that i feel can really rock a dance floor.Along with being a great dj i will also be talking about the lastest hot of the press equipment used for djing and production.

Here are some of the djs that i will be interviewing and featuring each week

Chris Briscoe

Tommy Outlaw


dj Dan

Donald Glaude

Conrad Rogers



Anthony D'Amico

Owen T

Alejandro Lopez