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What can i say , Aaron is a very talented and interesting guy from supping up his Mazda low riding truck (which was the sickest truck i have seen in a long time) to designing for one of the biggest sporting athletic companies lululemon (yes we all know how great lululemon pants make women's asses look).Aaron was always influenced in art ,fashion and music ever since i knew him.

I remember Aaron telling me about this water fall he constructed for his parents backyard that would run into there pool . I got the chance to check it out one day ,pretty cool stuff ,Aaron is a guy that's full of surprises ,he's always one step ahead of you thinking strategically like a game of chess trying to make his next move .Anyone that tells me being a designer is for PUSSY'S and that designers don't like to get there hands dirty (like the one guy on EXTREME HOME MAKE OVER ) WILL GET A PUNCH RIGHT BEHIND THERE ELBOW. I have worked with Aaron first hand when I used to do plumbing for his dads company , he has no fear of heights , works really fucking hard,,he's not afraid to get dirty or crack a joke but knows when to be professional at the same time .

Designer's do not get the credit that they deserve. There is a lot of stuff that they have to deal with and every day on there job they will have to over come challenges that can either make or brake there career.

Aaron just opened up his new design studio on James st downtown Hamilton were he lives and works out of and will be throwing a art crawl on FRIDAY DEC 11TH .


State of the Art is the latest art/music venue taking place at the James N. Art Crawl. We will be using the space to exhibit some local artist's work and listen to some of their tunes! We are basically transforming an old restaurant into a gallery/party spot, opening the doors and rockin it out.This time around being our first show, we are pumped to have the line up we do.Known for their live acoustic performances we have M.E.Walsh JuenExhibiting their work will be Artist/Illustrator: M.E. Walsh with his stonefalls comic and some amazing artGraphic Designer: Billy Pozeg known in the city for his rad party posters & Industrial/Interior designer: studio aalona by for some cold ones!! Guaranteed best pre drink party!!

Friday, December 11, 2009 at 8:00pm

301 James St.N, Hamilton Ontario

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