Tuesday, December 1, 2009

170 KING

170 king

What is it ? Its called Fashion and if you never heard of CONRAD HOTRUM then chances are your not cool enough ,just kidding.

Conrad has been in the fashion scene in Hamilton for years i used to shop at his store in Hess called DMBC. He launched a clothing line called bully and for years i kept bugging my friend Tommy dude where did you get those jeans, he replied "these oh there bully fucking Conrad's shit " lol. I was a big Diesel jeans fan but then i grew up and cant for the life of me fit into a pair of there fucking jeans its like there made for anorexic men, are you kidding me diesel i spent thousands of dollars on there dumb fucking tiger printed shirts that in one wash there shrunk.

Well ladies and gents in went to visit mr Conrad at his store and guess what his clothes fit me and look great one of his Bully shirts i can say is my most fav shirt around and always wearing it when im out .

So check him out great shirts and prices


Bringing some fun to the downtown.....For both GIRLS AND BOYSIts white and bright......and the sign is purple neon..BRANDS: American apparel(USA) Insight(australia) Alternate apparel (USA) Kill City (USA) Cheap Monday (USA)Thousand Reasons (australia)Brixton (USA) Initium Eyewear (USA) Speech Jewlery (Toronto) Cheap Monday (Sweden)Footwear:Vans(USA)SwearLondon (London)London Underground (London) Josette Cacnio (Hamilton)




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