Tuesday, December 1, 2009



Ok i am a hudge fan of the Vetax company , there equipment is very reliable and easy to use, yes they are a little bit pricey but you get what ya pay for . I was on dj techtools one day last week and saw that Vestax has teamed up with Apple to bring you Vestax Spin.

What is this you may ask ?

Well apple has found a way to make a bedroom dj into a star all in one box and for $279.00.


Developed by Vestax, a company dedicated in professional DJ Gear for over 25 years, Spin is a simple yet powerful solution for all DJs from beginner to pro. Start DJing today with Spin and experience what it's like to create your own mix for podcasts, slide shows, house parties and even bigger venues.
Be your own DJ with iTunes
Spin and djay software let you easily mix all your favorite songs from iTunes. Simply drag and drop, and get creative with your own music.
Touch sensor jog wheels
High-resolution touch-sensitive jog wheels allow you to DJ like in analog mode from scratching to remixing.
Multi-channel audio system
Spin comes with high-quality sound for monitoring, master output and a separate mic input.
Compact and light
A travel friendly unit perfect for the Mac, it comes with a USB cable and djay software so you can DJ anywhere you want.
Perfectly match your music
djay's on-the-fly beat and tempo detection allows you to easily match two songs for a perfect transition.
Find the right song
Preview and prepare the next song with headphones through Spin before playing it through the main speakers.
Automix your party
One click means hours of fun. Sit back and let Spin/djay mix your favorite iTunes playlists with seamless DJ-style transitions.
Scratch. Mix. Loop.
Discover the world of DJing. Use the featured buttons, jog wheel platters and faders to mix and scratch your songs. Every feature found on the Spin interface will allow you endless opportunities of creative DJing from loops to effects.
Record your mixes
Save your mix—for your latest podcast, movie or photo slide show, or to make a classic "mix tape." Just push the REC button.
Blend your voice into the mix through the integrated microphone input (microphone included)
Seamless iTunes integration through djay software, allowing easy to mix, beat match, loops to effects for creating your perfect mix tape
Simple plug-and-play setup
Touch sensor jog wheel platters give high resolution to experience an analog feel when scratching and mixing
Multi-channel audio system for high quality monitoring, master output and separate microphone input
A compact and light DJ All-in-one system
Seamless iTunes integration
Easy-to-use drag and drop interface
Automix and automatic tempo
Beat detection, beat-matched looping and BPM-sync
Sampler and visual cue points
Live Microphone with pitch and echo effect
Audio effects such as speed change, reverse, time-stretching, pitch-shifting and more
Record mixes for podcasts, photo slide shows and mix tapes
Export history of played songs as iTunes playlist or PDF
Cover artwork on virtual vinyl
Support for all major audio formats such as MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF, Audio-CD and songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store

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