Saturday, April 6, 2013

Its Great To Be Back

Hello Everybody I am Back on the Saddle again lol, Well I know its been a year since my last post and I am sorry for keeping you all waiting with the suspense but im back and better then ever. Thanks to my buddy Flipside for pushing me to get back into things. We are into 2013 a lot' has changed in electronic music , Deadmau5 and Hawtin did a little tour together to talk about technology that they use in thier shows , alot of djs have switched from playing cd's to MIDI based equipment and Justin Bieber is trying to get a residency in Ibiza " Lets hope to God this does not happen". In the next couple months i will be interviewing local djs about their residency's around town and how they got into the scene , I will be launching a new weekly mix show on Thursdays called Thirsty Thursdays where im gonna post up a weekly mix on my sound cloud account for you to listen and download and of course I will be posting up any local or out of town party's that i think will be off the chain. Stay tuned my fellow PRTYMNSTR'S its about to get fukin real.....

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  1. Hey there. Just a thought, my cuz does publicity for Hush in Hess n is tight with the dj's n such there. Lemme know if u wanna chat with them, I can tell him to contact u. Like I said, just a thought :) good luck :)))