Friday, July 2, 2010

****OH CANADA OUR HOME AND ......****


1 billion dollars that's what our Canadian government spent on this stupid fucking G20 summit. Wow thank you Canada for wasting our tax money, no really. The Canadian Government spent 2 million on a fake lake inside the g20 summit pavilion. The reason behind this was that they didn't want the media to feel left out of the G8. This shit really makes me laugh all they really had to fucking do was put up a giant screen ,rent a projector(if they didn't have enough money to rent one they could of called my buddy Yarik and asked him to barrow his ) put some back ground pics up thereof some fucking moose ,beavers ,trees, and even project a FAKE LAKE on the screen. The total cost of project $40. In this pavilion they had wine and food tasting stations ,unreal I personally would like to thank STEPHEN HARPER for spending my hard working money .


So we have all seen it on the news for the past week on every channel about the big protest on sat night . I guess some people got out of hand and started vandalising stores ,setting a cop car on fire, Toronto residents were scared shirtless and to be honest if i was living in Toronto I would probably be scared to but this is the kind of chaos to expect when you get 20 countries getting together to talk about politics. It looks good on them that we had a massive protest like that and when the mayor of Toronto called the people that started the vandalism "THUGS' I laughed . There not thugs these are very well educated people that are professional protesters. There job is to get noticed and noticed they did. Good for them our Government need to start listening to there people and this type of shit will not happen. I hear that they made over 500 arrests that weekend , wow that's pretty intense.

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