Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Ok so hear it is ladies and gents , "NO GIGS = STRESS ".We all know this ,How can I get more gigs so I'm not stressed ?

Answer =Promotion

Promotion is number 1 in this business I see it all the time and have been a victim to this myself. Allot of dj's think that "hey I got a myspace page with my mixes on it that should be fine " well if you think that 1 little page with a little picture of you spinning with your hat backwards is gonna turn some heads , WAKE THE FUCK UP LOSER.

When I go to a club to see my friends dj I always get bombarded by these guys that ask me "hey bro I heard about your radio show Bang Monday's and was wondering if you can play my mix whats your email address I send it to ya " The chances of me playing your mix on my show are pretty fucking slim. The way you go about promoting yourself is very important you never know who you will be talking to , now I'm not saying that I'm some big radio dj , I'm far from that but would you approach Pete Tong that way NOOOOOOOOOO . See that reason I can say this is because I'm talking from experience , that was me 2 years ago. I was in Toronto to see my friend Kezi spin at a club, when we got there she introduced me to a promoter by the name of Adnan, he came over to the booth where he passed me a bottle of vodka and said "cheers have fun tonight guys" . Before Kezi went on to dj she kept telling me that I need to give him a demo , so I walked over to Adnan and asked him "hey bro can I get your email addy so i can send you my demo" Adnan being the great guy he is said sure here's my card send it to me .
I was happier then a pig in shit , after we left the club Kezi asked me again did you talk to Adnan " ya i told him I'm gonna send him my demo by email" Kezi yells nooooooooo you didn't Angelo. That night I learned dj promotion 1o1 with Kezi, she began to talk about how you are a walking business and that you should always be prepared because you never know who you will meet .

That night I met Adnan Faroud one of Canada's biggest promoter's he runs The Century Room,This Is London ,Ultra lounge , The Drink .

Check him out at http://www.adnanmedia.com/


1.Always have some sort of business cards on you at all times (make your card stand out from everyone else's use colour and different texture paper).

2.Create a website, or blog site these are great places that promoters can see your serious about your djing

3.Social networking sites such as facebook, myspace can help alot as well make a group in facebook
and invite your friends to join it .Your Myspace paige should be very professional with live mixes or new
track you have made.(as an example here is my buddy Conrad Rogers Mypace http://www.myspace.com/jeremyconradrogers)

MEDIA KIT very very important this allows the promoters to grab information about you for there events .

What is in a Media kit?
-information about yourself (biography,discography)
-video footage from events
-live mixes
-productions and awards received
-Press package( interviews write ups that others have done on you)
-art work (including flyer's from past events) promoters want to see that you have been djing alot a gigs
-booking agent contact info

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